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Power of Your Plate

We believe one day every consumer will have the knowledge and opportunities to foster a regenerative food system through their choices

Our Vision


We built our product to help people. We don't make SaaS products. We solve problems. We're here to make life easier for you and your team.


Our product is our hero— not marketing buzzwords or flashy packaging. A strong product is the foundation of our company (after all, we're developers and creators first, entrepreneurs second).

"We are what we eat."

Consumer Driven Vs Market Driven

Regenerative Food System

is the sum of actors, interactions and policies along the food value chain aimed to protect and rejuvenate the environment, improve livelihood opportunities of farming communities and nourish the society at large. 

Community Weavers

Kartik Suresh

Connecting farmers to the right markets

Manu Panjikaran

Practicing regenerative farming

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