Grounding ourselves in the values of earth care, people care and fair share. We believe one day every individual will choose to eat healthy for a healthy planet. Towards this pursuit, we are committed to facilitating an enabling ecosystem of knowledge, opportunities and actors to foster a regenerative food system.

The name ‘Rhyzo’ is derived from the soil layer which is an important hotspot for a multitude of biotic and abiotic processes and enables plant growth- Rhizosphere.

Our Initiatives

Power of Your Plate

Building a community of conscious consumers coming together to learn, unlearn and discover various avenues to influence and engage with our food system.


Community Action for Living Food (Calf) is a multi-stakeholder city-level food system platform to reimagine the journey of our food and foster a regenerative food system.

Community Weavers

Kartik Suresh
Manu Panjikaran
YE Stack
Sanjay Sunil
Design Team
Ankita Srivastav
Entrepreneur in Residence
Krishnapriya T S
Design Team

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